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1-16-711x331 Pothole Repairing Machine

The Pothole Repairing Machine is specially used for swift repairing of cracks, potholes, shoulders, fissures, alligator areas and utility cuts. A smaller amount of not more than 1 kg of pressure locates the boom anywhere within a 100 sq. mtr. working area with a vertical assortment of 1525 mm above to 610 mm below concrete level.

The truck mounted road maintenance machine sprays hot asphalt emulsion over area atomized with the support of an internal spray ring to create a thin tack coat & abundant coated asphaltic material with dense coating for bringing the repaired surface up to required level.

Asphalt Delivery System

From pressurized asphalt tank by opening valve control positioned at operator stations


Yellow & Orange color for highway safety

Crack Filling Attachment

Crack filling baton with control device developed into handle for applying only asphalt material. It is available with the inclusion of rear mounting brackets & self withdrawing reel.


The electrical supply to insulated asphalt emulsion line and power asphalt emulsion tank heating element is provided with the help of single phase industrial 220V generator


Optional accessories available with the trailer mounted pothole repairing machine

TATA Model 1613/42 or equivalent
Length8650 mm.
Width2400 mm.
Height2900 mm.
Discharge Nozzle And Coating System
GeneralProficient of 100% coating aforementioned to discharge
NozzleMachined aluminum in the company of internal spray ring tapered to pick up the material pace
Coating SystemDrench bath at nozzle internal spray ring
Asphalt tank950 ltrs.
InsulationTightly covered fully insulated tank
OpeningsRapid opening of 200m
Heating6000 watt – 110V/220V.
Fuel tank75 ltrs.
Flush tank150 ltrs.
HorsepowerLeast 63 HP.
FilterOil bath.
Battery12 V/19 Plates.
Working Area
Total100 Square metre.
Tri-Fold Articulated Boom With Counter-Weighted Arm
RadiusCompletely coherent 6360mm
Vertical stroke1525mm above to 610mm below pavement-self supporting feature
ControlsOperating location 1830mm from material spray minimum
AirHigh Degree lobe blower
Aggregate Delivery System
TypeScrew supplied to rear mounted power flow positive displacement air lock
Air lockRear mounted.
Hopper capacity4.5cu.m with optional 6cu.m
Hydraulic System
PumpNegligible noise vane
Flow controlsPressure compensating
Hydraulic tank85ltrs with sight measurement
FiltersDual section & return filter