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  • Self-sufficiency in all aspects of road construction
  • To innovate and develop world-class road making machines in India.
  • To increase market share in India and global markets.

Having established an ethos of engineering excellence and product superiority for over 40 years now, Speedcrafts Limited is committed to consumer satisfaction in terms of sales and service. Our vision is to see India emerge as a country with the best network of roads in this part of the globe. We have accepted the challenges of the new millennium and geared our R&D team for precisely that.

The coming years will see some new products for making super highways to handle the pressures of high volume and high speed transportation. We are in the process of forging new alliances and acquiring technologies required for making such machines.

Our target is to make India self-sufficient insofar road making machinery is concerned. Already we enjoy a market share of about 50% in various categories of road-building equipment and our aim is to increase this market share several-fold.